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Sony ribbons use the same coating technology as Sony high-performance recording tapes. They deliver highly readable, razor-sharp bar codes and other variable information. These are well-suited for automotive, healthcare, electronics, chemical and other applications. Sony ribbons offer enhanced durability and readability and long-term protection against chemicals, solvents and UV rays. The wide range available is as follows: 

Signature Series Wax
Signature Series wax is a reliable, cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications. It prints at high speeds and delivers crisp, dark, durable images and rotated bar codes on a variety of substrates. It is versatile enough to print on both papers and low-end synthetics. 

General Purpose Wax
General Purpose Wax ribbons deliver the image quality and durability required for most applications in an excellent total cost solution. These are recommended for coated/uncoated paper tags and labels and are ideal for low-end synthetics. 

Premium Wax/Resin Ribbon
Premium wax/resin ribbon products produce superior results across a wide range of applications at a lower cost than all-resin ribbons. These include a darker image, ability to print at higher speeds and less print head static. These are suitable for a wide range of media from paper to low-end synthetics. 

Resin Ribbon
Sony resin ribbons provide enhanced image quality and durability for applications that require special performance characteristics such as extra resistance to environmental conditions, smudging or scratching. Grades are available that resist solvents, chemicals and exposure to damaging UV rays.