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Barcode Scanners

Near Range Barcode Scanner Optical system 2048 pixel CCD (charge-coupled device) Scan speed 100 scans/sec Light source 660 nm visible red Case material ABS plastic + TPR All Standard Linear Barcode Symbologies

Argox AS 8000 Near Range  

Excellent scanning performance at attractive, entry-level price Reads from contact to 50 mm. 80 mm scanning width. Scan rate 50 scans/sec. Ultra low power consumption & all-in-one universal host interface.

Argox AS 8110  

Long Range 2D Barcode Imager All Standard Linear Barcodes,2D Symoblogy: PDF417 Scanning Depth: 0 to 10 inches Scan Speed: 200 Scans / sec Optical System: 2048 pixel CCD Optional Handsfree operation with Stand for continuous read mode

Argox AS 8250 Long Range Linear & 2D  

Long Range 2D Barcode Imager All Standard Linear Barcodes,2D Symoblogy: PDF417 Scanning Depth: 0 to 10 inches Scan Speed: 200 Scans / sec Optical System: 2048 pixel CCD Optional Handsfree operation with Stand for continuous read mode

Argox AS 8250 Long Range Linear & 2D with Stand  

Handheld Extra Long Range 2D Barcode Imager Comparable to laser barcode scanners but at a much lower cost All Standard Linear Barcodes,2D Symoblogy: PDF417, Code 16 K, RSS Scanning Depth: Upto 600mm Scan Speed: 450 Scans / sec Optical System: 2048 pixel CCD

Argox AS 8312 Extra Long Range 2D  

The Symbol DS3400 Series of rugged scanners brings high performance data capture to harsh industrial environments. Using digital imaging technology, this family of scanners quickly and accurately captures 1D and 2D bar codes, images and direct part marks, and is available in a number of models to meet diverse needs:

Symbol DS 3400  

The DS6700 general purpose bar code scanner combines the functionality of a bar code scanner, digital camera and document scanner in a single, cost-effective device. From point-and-shoot simplicity to accurate bar code scanning to capturing full-size documents, this device is the right tool for the job. Text enhancement technology makes the scanner able to handle even the finest-grain text. Omni-directional scanning and a wide working range means that even novice users can begin scanning with minimal training

Symbol DS 6700  

The Symbol DS6707-DP is a premier general purpose scanner, offering the maximum in data capture flexibility. The Symbol DS6707-DP is able to capture images and read virtually all 1D and 2D bar codes and direct part marks (DPM) — including the most challenging mark, dot peen. This highly versatile device is ideal in industries that depend on a wide variety of data types, such as healthcare, aerospace and automotive. With the DS6707-DP, workers can capture the right information at the right time, driving inefficiencies and errors out of business processes — improving accuracy as well as employee productivity

Symbol DS 6707  

This bi-directional LS1203 handheld scanner handles all 1D bar codes and is ideal for small retailers. It delivers the functionality, features and reliability needed to improve operational efficiencies from the check-out line to the storeroom. It minimizes manual keying — ensuring accuracy in all customer transactions — and it automates paper-based inventory processes. The device easily integrates multiple interfaces to help ensure connectivity to a host and PC system.

Symbol LS 1203  

Handheld Laser Barcode Scanner Fast performance at 100 scans per second Reduced Space Symbology (RSS) Hands-free Intellistand (optional) Bright LED and beeper with adjustable volume Advanced Data Formatting (ADF) enables users to modify data prior to sending to host computer

Symbol LS 2208    

The Symbol LS4208 handheld laser scanner delivers exceptional performance in an accesible, intuitive package. Its single-circuit board design ensures sturdiness and an ergonomic shape maximizes user comfort. Continuous one-pass scanning, an innovative multi-line rastering scan pattern, a wide working range and superior motion tolerance make data capture easy, even for novices.

Symbol LS 4208    

The innovative Symbol LS4278 Bluetooth®-enabled cordless bar code scanner delivers superior data capture anywhere in the workplace. Its multi-line rastering pattern eliminates the need for exact aim, enabling scanning within a 50-ft (15-m) radius and allowing operator extra room to move. This laser handheld device excels in retail, healthcare or light industrial environments, boosting productivity and profitability

Symbol LS 4278    

MS3580 provides retailers with industry leading omnidirectional scan performance and optional single-line scanning in a convenient size. The small footprint and numerous stand options for MS3580 minimize required counter space, increasing available room for merchandise and advertisement displays.

Metrologic MS 3580    

Eclipse is a low cost laser-based alternative to CCD scanners. CodeGate® : Ideal for menu scanning applications CodeSense® : Automatically switches from pulse mode to continuous beaming when a bar code is detected Powerlink cables : Uses the same user-replaceable cables and power supplies as Voyager®, Orbit® and Cubit® Flash ROM : Update firmware from any PC via MetroSet2® software provided by Metrologic OPOS and JPOS system compatible : Easily adaptable to any end-user system environment

Metrologic MS 5145    

The MS7120, the all-time, best-selling hands-free omnidirectional scanner presents an innovative, elegant and affordable solution to convenience retail applications where counter space is at a premium.

Metrologic MS 7120    

Metrologic’s Fusion combines omnidirectional and single-line laser bar code scanning into a lightweight, ergonomic hand-held form factor. The 20-line scan pattern provides superior scanning over existing single-line scanners making Fusion ideal for medium-volume retailers including specialty stores, pharmacies, liquor stores, and convenience stores. An adjustable stand with three locking positions provides flexibility for the user to position the scanner for individual comfort and optimal performance. Stabilized with a weighted metal base, the stand may also be hard-mounted to counters or walls.

Metrologic MS 3780 Fusion