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Sensormatic EAS using the patented Acousto-Magnetic technology is designed to help retailers prevent shrinkage and shoplifting using advanced digital technology. It helps them to increase sales by open merchandising opportunities while reducing shoplifting and internal theft. A full range of EAS systems, accessories and tagging solutions are available. Sensormatic EAS systems are the best choice for many of the world's largest retailers. Most of India's retail chains rely on Sensormatic.

Sensormatic EAS systems are also deployed in museums, libraries, imax theatres, software development centres, call centres, R&D centres etc to protect assets.

Ultra Exit 2M:

The Sensormatic Ultra•Exit 2M provides retailers with an aesthetic, high performance Ultra•Max EAS protection over wide exits. 

Available in three design options including rugged ABS, composite clear panel and high quality acrylic. 

High quality construction and straight edge form ensures the antenna blends into store openings while still providing a visual deterrent. 

Ultra Post 6:

Considering the environmental impacts of production and service, is simply good business. Taking environmental responsibility seriously, Tyco Retail Solutions offers the Ultra•Post® 6 a global environmentally responsible system designed with higher efficiencies.

Ultra•Post 6 is safe for both employees and shoppers. Tyco Retail Solutions reduces the complexities of managing your global supply and distribution channels by understanding the importance of delivering a detection system that complies with all applicable safety and regulatory standards.

Essentials Platform:

Controlling shoplifting while continuing to provide an enjoyable shopping experience is a daily challenge for all retailers. As organized retail expands into new markets, Sensormatic Retail Solutions is addressing the need for a basic Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) product suite for the value conscious retailer.

Without sacrificing the integrity for which the Sensormatic brand has been renowned worldwide for over 40 years, we designed the Sensormatic® Essentials platform with the fundamental EAS components necessary for retailers introducing anti-theft technology into their store environment.